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AV Picture Viewer General Features

  • customizable interface layouts;
  • supports all popular formats;
  • slide show;
  • set as wallpaper function;
  • folder thumbnail preview;
  • converts to any supported format;
  • full screen mode;
  • copy to clipboard;
  • zoom in and out;
  • image file formats defining by signature;
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

New in AV Picture Viewer 1.3

  • The new release allows browsing in thumbnails and list view much faster.
  • Supports drag-n-drop file operations both in tree and in list.

AV Picture Viewer Features

The program AV Picture Viewer provides you the wealth of opportunities for viewing graphic files. With your convenience in mind, we have created multifunctional and handy tools to work with graphics: Picture browser and Picture viewer.

Picture Browser

The high speed of image preview allows you to view files without having to open up full size images. The dynamic generation of sequences will produce a list of files indicating their name, type, and size among other properties. You can apply sorting within all above properties. Various file operations enable to handle lists of graphic files as well as files in other formats.

Thumbnail mode is intended to reflect the diminished images for any every file, which is extremely helpful while dealing with huge collections of graphic files.

Folder History Line will let you know immediately which folders and lists you just recently worked with. Moreover, after the program has been launched, the latest viewed folder will be opened. Files Description permits you to describe and categorize your files to your fancy.

You can listen or view files through automatic playing of multimedia files without the need to download additional applications. Should, during that, you decide that functional properties of special programs are necessary, then just double click on the file and choose the appropriate program from the list.

Picture Viewer

Effective graphic and reading algorithms and minimal memory requirement allow you to concentrate fully on the work and forget about some waiting.

Such functions as manual zoom in and zoom out, zoom actual size, zoom best fit as well as full-screen and scroll modes enable to choose the scale of viewing that suits you best. If desired, you can select a particular file's image and set it as Desktop background.

We have taken particular care to make the interface as handy and convenient as possible, both for those who like to work with keyboard and those who prefer to use the mouse.

The powerful context menu makes working with the program more efficient: just press the right mouse button and discover to what extend you can expedite your work with the help of context menu.

Supported graphic and multimedia formats

Format File extensions Read/Write support
Graphics Interchange Format GIF R/W
Joint Photographic Experts Group Format JPEG, JPG, JPE R/W
Portable Network Graphics PNG R/W
Tag Image File Format TIF, TIFF R/W
Truevision Targa TGA R/W
Windows Bitmap BMP, DIB, RLE R/W
ZSoft Paintbrush DCX, PCX R/W

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